Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing Digital Business Skills Tool of the Week: Pinterest

The Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing Digital Business Skills (‪#‎DigiBizSkills)‬ tool of the week is Pinterest

Best compared to a pin-board or scrap-book pinterest lets you create your own visual online pin-boards on specific topics or subjects of interest to you/your brand/your customers, allowing you to pin relevant online images and website links all in the one place. See it as bookmarking!

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In the past year Pinterest doubled its number of users in the UK and Britons have “pinned” 2.2bn items or ideas since it’s UK launch 3 years ago

According to Pinterest, its users are particularly keen on DIY, with 52% looking for that, while 46% search for recipes. In terms of building their own boards, 37% are planning home decorations, 17% a holiday and 14% a wedding.

With 176 million registered users of which 100 million are active. Pinterest does not disclose how many British users it has but it sees “about 3m pins a” day in the UK and Pinners in the UK grew 50% over the past year. The research firm comScore estimates that in May 2015, it attracted 10.3 million unique visitors in the UK: 54% only visiting from a mobile device, 34% only from a computer, and 12% using both.

We recently planned to attend a charity masquerade ball and the subjects of choice moved quickly to the what to wear dilemma – specifically ‘masks’ and ‘formal dresses’. Images ideas came from a dozen family and friends via text, email, facebook messenger, facebook tags and whatsapp – some with url website links for more information or to buy and some without! To be honest whilst valuing all the contributions we got totally lost in confusion. Creating a pin board is a perfect way to keep all your ideas for formal dresses, masquerade ball masks, garden flower wishlists & more all in one specific set aside place.

You can create a board that is visible to all or one that is visible to only you – ideal for brides wishing to keep dresses we all like and short lists secret from guests and nosey parkers!

For marketers the benefits are great:
*enabling website visitors to pin your products/services easily to their boards
*gaining awareness of prospects / consumers interested in your products/services
* buyable pins / promoted pins
and it certainly makes for great return on investment as the following UK Pinterest benchmarks are testamount: John Lewis, B&Q, Bloom & Wild, Nestlé – Nescafe Azera, Tesco and MADE.COM

For those looking to improve their skills and knowledge in this area we have found a complete guide for you courtesy of Social Media Examiner

The Pinterest for business website is available at: https://business.pinterest.com/en
with guides at: https://business.pinterest.com/en/pinterest-guides


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Contribution by Chartered Marketer and Licensed Digital Business Skills Trainer: Christine Watson

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