Make Your Instagram Click With Christine Watson – Advanced

Supercharge your social media by Ormeau business park graphic to promote make you instagram click advanced by trainer Chartered Marketer Christine Watson as part of the make it click project funded by google dot org via charity Good things foundation and training matchmaker

Date And Time

Mon, 29 March 2021

12:00 – 13:00 BST via Google Meet







Supercharge your Social Media with Ormeau Business Park

– Make your Instagram Click – Advanced


About this Event

During this lunchtime power hour Chartered Marketer and SOSTAC Certified Planner Christine Watson will introduce Instagram for business users to some of the more advanced areas of this marketing communications tool.You will learn about:- Instagram insights and the metrics that matter

– Instagram for business accounts that perform

– Social Commerce including the ‘swipe up to buy’, support a local business + shopping features

– Influencer marketing

– The magic of user generated content


– Instagram Reels to rival Tik Tok

– Instagram ads

– Hashtag marketing

– Useful free content creation tools – and ‘trace’

– Content planning and pre-scheduling

– Social listening

– Further learning opportunities and ‘help’ signposts to enable your Instagram for business success

Register in advance for this free event HERE. 

This free event has been made possible with funding via Charity Good Things Foundation for the programme to Chartered Marketer Christine Watson is the founder of and will be the trainer for this lunchtime power hour