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Tuesday Tip: Go Blog

Throughout Autumn/Winter 2018 Christine Watson – Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing Chartered Marketer and Trainer has been working with Libraries NI on behalf of TrainingMatchmaker.com to bring a Blogging Inspiration Session and a 6 week Get Blogging programme to Northern Ireland.

Blogging brings many benefits to businesses of varying shapes and sizes, to local and sectoral communities, to brands, to governments and regulatory bodies around the world and to individuals.

Do you Blog?

If you do blog – when was the last time you wrote, published and distributed a blog?

If you don’t blog – why not? Do you already have someone blogging for you or can you have someone blog for you?

We would love to blog more and every time we publish on social media we question whether each individual social media post we craft could in fact have stronger foundations for us by centring it around a blog, hosted on our watsonsmarketing wordpress website, but, somehow, it just seems easier to add a picture, caption and hashtags to instagram than it does to create and publish a blog.

To get better at blogging ourselves, especially since we personally witness the benefits of our blogging efforts when the phone call and email enquiries come in as a result of some of our most popular blog content and its corresponding performance on search results, we’ve created an ideas list of blog posts that we aspire to make happen. The first 50 blog post ideas took just over 20 minutes to come up with and were inspired by:

  • the frequently asked questions of our clients
  • information we think our prospects and our clients – current and old would like to have at their fingertips
  • key dates: from the season to taking a look at what’s trending and what’s to trend using tools such as daysoftheyear.com and google trends
  • the keywords and key phrases that we wish our website to rank well for in search results
  • auditing our old content to determine whether we could deliver efficient fresh blogs through the tactic of repurposing

Go Do: Check out InternetLiveStats.com to see just how many blogs have been created today!

If you remain unconvinced in investing your time and resources in the art of blogging above and beyond other digital marketing and content marketing tactics keep reading…

Why Blog?

We’ve curated some compelling statistics to entice you to Go Blog:

  1. To grow the number of visitors to your website The average company that blogs receive 55% more website visitors
  2. To rank better in search results.
  3. To increase brand awareness – 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads.
  4. To generate leads – Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than businesses who don’t blog.
  5. To gain return on investment from marketing – Marketers who have prioritised blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive return on investment
  6. To rank better in search results – You have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you feature a blog as part of your website (Tech Client).
  7. Blogs are trusted –  blogs are the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information
  8. Blogging encourages inbound links to your website – Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website than those who don’t.
  9. Blogging and social should go hand in hand. We always encourage our clients to consider their website as the foundations of their house and their social media the individual bricks, especially given social platforms change their algorithms often and without notice – Without a blog to promote on social, you’re missing an opportunity to drive high quality engagement with your audience.


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Curated blog written by Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing Chartered Marketer and Digital Marketing Trainer Christine Watson on December 4, 2018. Sponsor opportunities available: To spearhead a #GetBloggingNI initiative by TrainingMatchmaker.com in your local library get in touch.