Using Canva AI for Visual Marketing Practical Workshop – Ormeau Business Park – 9 February 2024

Using AI for Graphic Design – Canva and Chat GPT
A Practical Workshop in using Canva AI for the Visual Marketing Needs of Your Business, Charity, or Social Enterprise
Date: 9 February 2024
Time: 10am to 4pm (a working lunch will be provided)
Training Investment: £99 (inclusive of VAT) – paid directly to your Training Host: Ormeau Business Park
Additional Training Requirements: An active Canva PRO subscription

(Note: offer a free 30-day trial period*, there is also a free PRO non profits account for members of non-profit community on application), a laptop and a smartphone.

Course is designed for: Business owners, managers, individuals contributing content to social media channels such as facebook, instagram etc, marketers, business advisors, mentors and trainers
This interactive workshop led by Chartered Marketer and SOSTAC Certified Planner Christine
Watson – a qualified Google Square is designed at an advanced level and aims to inspire and
help you to start maximising all the opportunities Canva AI can offer you and your business.
Learning Objectives- 13 Take Aways
During this interactive workshop delegates will:
1. Find out about how Canva can help the visual appearance of their business online and
2. Be shown how can be used to deliver positive marketing returns.
3. Learn how to create visual designs in an instant.
4. Discover some tricks to help speed up the time spent creating designs for social media,
website and print, including the important role of qualified and experienced graphic
designers in professional design for marketing and how graphic designers can help you
improve your visual outputs from the platform.
5. Get advice on how to build a Brand Kit within their Canva Pro account.
6. Get to grips with quick ways to resize one graphic into many different graphics suitable to
the needs of various online platforms.
7. Find out how to transform their Canva graphics into video content at the click of a button.
8. Get up to speed with Canva AI.
9. See how their business can benefit from the paid for Canva PRO upgrade.
10. Find new marketing ideas through AI.
11. Be introduced to the potential of Chat GPT for their business.
12. Discuss the legal and ethical implications of using AI for marketing.
13. Be signposted to other free tools and learning opportunities to further master what Canva
can bring to their business, charity, or social enterprise.
About the Course – Who should register?
This course is designed for non-graphic designers who already use the platform to produce graphics for their marketing or business needs – website banners, social media graphics, menus, posters, adverts, annual reports, presentations and more
If you are already aware of what is, are comfortable using it and are committed
to investing in trialling Canva PRO (you can access a 30 day trial for free and the ongoing
investment is £99.99 per year* with non profits able to apply for a free non profit PRO account) 

then this practical course, delivered in person in south Belfast, to a small group is ideal to ensuring that you get to benefit from the marketing magic of Canva

Your Workshop Facilitator – Chartered Marketer Christine Watson will showcase how using Canva Pro
can help you produce visual content quickly and effectively. You will practice using Chat GPT
and Canva AI to create at least 50 individual pieces of design, ideal for social media posts
on your business channels, in under 15 minutes!
Learn how to create visual content faster than ever before with Ormeau Business Park’s
Canva training workshop. 
This practical learning is highly interactive, and delegates need to bring their own laptops,
smart phones and be logged into their own Canva PRO accounts before the course
About Canva AI – 
Design used to be more complicated and often needed a qualified and experienced Graphic
Designer on board to support individual and business needs, but today, thanks to, a platform which is used by more than 150 million people worldwide, design for
non-designers is merely a few clicks away.
Canva launched an AI-powered image-generating app in 2022. Magic Media lets you
transform your words into one-of-a-kind images and videos at the touch of a button.Gone are the days of spending hours scrolling through stock images when you need
something specific or unique. Image generation apps unlock creativity in all sorts of ways
and empower all sorts of people, from content creators to marketers, professional designers,
and social media managers. Any profession that needs to produce content quickly, easily
and on a very small budget can easily conjure up engaging assets to help them stand out.Small business owners – who often double as their own marketing team among a million
other things – will especially find AI image and video generation to be a useful (and fun) time
saver that will help them shine. Artists, designers, and marketers can also use the apps to
test an idea quickly, without the need for expensive tooling.
Imagine, describe, and create in an instant. 
* See for full cost details.
To Book:
Register via eventbrite or contact Ormeau Business Park directly, email: telephone: 02890 339906
Payment Terms:
Delegates must pay prior to attending the course and will be contacted when
registered to discuss methods of payment.
Canva AI for visual marketing workshop by Chartered Marketer Christine Watson for Ormeau Business Park south Belfast