Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing founder Christine Watson becomes one of the first 100 SOSTAC® Certified Planners in the world

Northern Ireland Chartered Marketing Ladies Christine Watson Denise Hamill and Lydia McClelland in first 100 SOSTAC Certified Planners in the world

Chartered marketers take on digital challenges heightened by pandemic.

Four Northern Ireland business women are among the first 100 professionals in the world to become accredited advisors in a globally recognised marketing model that will help businesses plan a recovery from the devastating economic impact of the pandemic.

As SOSTAC® Certified Planners, marketing strategy experts Lydia McClelland, Denise Hamill, Christine Watson and licensed tutor Debbie Rymer are actively working with companies to improve their digital presence to survive in a world at battle with the devastating impact of the Covid-19 virus.

“Digital marketing skills have never been more important than they are in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, which has seen seismic shifts in both buying habits and use of technology for communication and business transactions,” said Debbie Rymer of SAND Marketing.

Organisations need to make drastic changes to their marketing strategy to adjust to the huge changes in digital communications. There is a massive digital skills gap in businesses, which is reported to be costing the UK economy an estimated £4.4 billion per year.

“Companies that invest to train their staff in the latest technologies will be best placed to adapt and flourish in the new economic reality,” explained Lydia McClelland of LMC Associates.

Voted in the top three business models worldwide by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), SOSTAC® Certified Planners are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to help organisations develop and implement highly effective marketing strategies that align with overall business strategy.

“The global pandemic has prioritised digital communications but going forward, organisations need to invest in digital transformation strategies to tackle this skills gap and ensure sustainability in uncertain times. Utilising SOSTAC® methodology for strategy development will help businesses develop a much clearer strategic approach,” said Denise Hamill of Digital Den Marketing.

By putting strategy before tactical delivery, organisations are more likely to achieve optimal results, and ensure sustainability in competitive landscapes.


“The impact of technology and ongoing transformation in the global economy make it essential for marketers at all levels to continually upskill throughout their careers to meet the standards outlined by the industry governing body of the marketing profession, CIM and to proactively ensure that all steps possible are taken to add significant value to the organisations and consumers they serve. SOSTAC is a robust framework that helps assure all stakeholders that marketing investments move beyond panic fire-fighting to align with the changing opportunities that exist in the marketplace and deliver positive return,” added Christine Watson of Watson & Co Chartered Marketing.


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Information on SOSTAC®

SOSTAC® is a simple yet powerful planning system designed to help create the perfect plan and was voted the third most popular model in the CIM poll on marketing models. It’s easy to remember and makes it easy to structure marketing plans and digital strategies for different planning activities. It was developed by PR Smith, a leading author of marketing and digital marketing books.



SOSTAC Certified Planners Accredited in Northern Ireland by PR Smith

Information on CIM Chartered Marketer Status

Chartered Marketer designation is the mark of an up to date, experienced and qualified marketing professional.

Chartered status is present in most industries and is recognised internationally. It can enable you to stand out from your peers, secure new opportunities as you work your way through your marketing career, and demonstrates you stay up to date and relevant.

Chartered Marketer is attained through Continuous Professional Development and through passing an Assessment with The Chartered Institute of Marketing – the world’s largest community of marketers that support, represent and develop marketers, teams, leaders and the marketing profession as a whole.